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Sports Highlight Videos

Horvath Productions produces the best high schools sports coverage in the state! We will bring your community together with full-time coverage of YOUR team. The raw emotion that is captured with us on the sideline puts our company lightyears ahead of the competition.  Give your athletes something to remember for a lifetime!

Our Work Speaks
for Itself!

This isn't just game coverage. Our team has put countless hours into crafting a viewing experience like no other. It is about the Friday night culture and memories.  Band, Fans, and cheerleaders are just as important in our content! We truly cover the whole 10 yards.

What we offer!

  • Professional 4K Video

  • Mic'd up coach for those epic postgame speeches

  • Crowd and cheerleader interaction

  • Halftime show highlights

  • Homecoming festivity coverage

  • Post season wrap up with exiting seniors

  • Positive media coverage for your school 

You will cry!

Have your seniors leave with something to be proud of with the post season interview finale. Featured in every sports highlight package!


"So much love shared! Rich memories for a granddad to hold in his heart!" 

 -Grandfather of Student Athlete 

"Made me cry!"

 -Bellefontaine High School Football Coach

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